How to Root Bluestacks 3 [Easy Step-by-Step Guide 2019]

Are you looking for ways to root Bluestacks 3? Well, you are in the right place. for those who are not aware, Bluestacks is one of the best Android emulators. What makes it more wonderful is that it can be rooted very easily. Some of our readers contacted us asking where they can download rooted BlueStacks 3. Well, there is no pre-rooted BlueStacks, but it is very easy to root if you follow our simple guide.

how to root bluestacks 3

Bluestacks is basically an Android Emulator for computers. An Android Emulator means, using this software, you can use any android based application on your computer. From games to social media apps to banking apps, just every application. You must be familiar with the word Root and you probably already know what it means. Rooting a smartphone gives us complete access to customize it and get more out of it. Similarly, rooting Bluestacks 3 will let us access many paid applications, along with many more options.

How to Root Bluestacks 3

Rooting BlueStacks 3 is a very easy process. Just follow the method we have mentioned below and you will be able to root your BlueStacks in a few minutes. To root your BlueStacks 3, you will need some important files such as BlueStacks Tweaker and SuperSU.

Download Rooting Files

Before we get started with the rooting process, there are some files you need to download.

  • First of all, you need to download Bluestacks 3.
  • Now download BlueStacks Tweaker 3. Unzip all the zipped files in one folder.
  • SuperSu v2.82 – This will be available in the zipped file, with BlueStacks Tweaker 3.

After you are done downloading these files, you are fully equipped to root your Bluestacks 3. If you have not installed Bluestacks 3 yet, then install it first and then follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Root BlueStacks 3

Step 1. Open Bluestacks 3 and search Root Checker in Play Store. Now install it.

How to Root Bluestacks 3

Step 2. Go to My Apps and open Root Checker.

How to Root Bluestacks 3

Step 3. Click on Agree when asked for permissions. Now, click on Verify Root. In a few seconds, the app will show the Root status of your Bluestacks as non-rooted.

How to Root Bluestacks 3

Step 4. Now, open the folder on your computer where you downloaded the required files. Open, while keeping the BlueStacks program open in the background.

bluestacks 3 root guide

Note: On BlueStacks Tweaker, make sure you see the green signal beside BlueStacks. If it is red then restart BlueStacks 3.

bluestacks 3 root

Step 5. On Bluestacks Tweaker, select Helpers tab. Here you will see Root for BlueStacks. (If it shows Unlock button, then close BlueStacks 3 and click Unlock. Then restart BlueStacks 3.) Here, click on Patch. This will root your BlueStacks.

root bluestacks 3

Now, your Bluestacks 3 has root access. To check and make sure, go back to BlueStacks 3 and open Root Checker. Click on Verify Root. It will show you the message that your device has root access.

How to Install SuperSU 2.79 on BlueStacks 3

To complete the root process, you have to install SuperSU on BlueStacks 3. Follow these steps to do so –

Step 1. Go back to the folder where you downloaded the files, and open Utils folder.

How to Root Bluestacks 3

Step 2. Select and drag it onto BlueStacks 3. This will install SuperSU on BlueStacks.

bluestacks 3 rooting

Step 3. Open SuperSU from BlueStacks 3’s My Apps, and select Expert.

root bluestacks using supersu

Step 4. Click these buttons in the next step, as they appear one by one.

(If app asks to follow on social media, click No Thanks)

Continue > Normal. Now, wait for the installation to complete.

install supersu on bluestacks 3

Step 5. The app will ask you to reboot your device. Click Ok and close SuperSU app.

root bluestacks 3 with supersu

Step 6. Go to My Apps and open System App.

How to Root Bluestacks 3

Step 7. Open Google Play or Play Store.

How to Root Bluestacks 3

Step 8. Type SuperSu in the search bar and press Enter. Click on update. Close the Play Store app after the update finishes.

How to Root Bluestacks 3

Step 9. Open SuperSU from My Apps.

bluestacks 3 root

Step 10. Click Continue > normal > OK on the consecutive dialog boxes as they open up. bluestacks 3 rooting guide

And that’s it. Your BlueStacks 3 root process is complete.


BlueStacks is the most used and one of the greatest Android Emulator software. And just like rooting a smartphone, rooting BlueStacks gives you complete access to BlueStacks. Using the above-mentioned method and steps, you will be able to root BlueStacks 3 very easily. If you have any questions, don’t forget to mention them below in comments.

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