Royal Revolt 2 Mod Apk v8.0.0 Unlimited Everything

Royal revolt 2 is the second part of the most popular and amazing kingdom of flares game where the storyline goes like, you have to battle with your relatives to reinstate the throne of the kingdom, now in the second part you the storyline is moved a step ahead, where you have taken the throne of the kingdom and now this is where you have to prove your worth.

You have to prove the whole world that you are truly the only king they need and will ever have of this world! With the most exotic and wonderful places where you can battle with your enemies and build your castle and protect it this game brings you the most interesting online action game. Become the most powerful and superb King or Queen in this MMORPG game by strategically winning the war and leading your Kingdom towards victory.

Royal Revolt 2 Mod Apk

Raid your enemies and destroy their castle defences as they try to get up from your attacks by dragons, werewolves and many more such characters. Partner up with loyal pet or a guardian and go on the journey to raid and save your enemy and your town respectively. Clash with your enemies in a heroic way and win the battles to prove who the real King or Queen is and how you keep your kingdom well and working away from the damages that the foes are planning.

Royal Revolt 2 Mod Apk



  • Guided game

This game doesn’t provide you with a full tutorial rather it gives you instructions by popping up arrows and tell you where to tap as the game progresses.

  • Multiplayer and layered

While it’s not unique or new but the advantage of Royal revolt 2 is that it allows its players to connect with people worldwide in order to create alliances and battle. Moreover, the layered gameplay with hidden excitements keep you moving forward in the game!


  • Timings

As soon as you start the game the chaotic atmosphere starts and the gamer is directly dropped into the action taking place that for players new to this style might turn a bit confusing and they may get annoyed and leave the game as their excitement comes down to zero.

Royal Revolt 2 Mod Apk


  • Tower Defence

You can build up a strong tower castle defence with your strategic mind and plan that can hold out against any attack done by the enemy. Choose your own army, obstacles and tower defences strategy that you want to build your path with as you progress in the game. Level up your Kingdom, decide what play style you love the most and then determine the best spells and items for you King so that he is designed in your imaginary way. Select from an enormous range of beasts and paladins that which one do you want to place along the boundaries and which will be placed inside it , deicide all these things and work on it to defend your castle.

  • War Strategy

This game brings you the teamwork war strategy that means you can play with your friends or join players from all around the world and create a unique and powerful alliance. This team can battle in the arena to earn huge and special boosts and treasures. There and pals that can be donated to your teammates or friends and can be used to unlock mythical beasts for your castle defence as the makers of royal revolt highly believe on sharing is caring!

  • War Events

This game brings you many events and wars to test your strategies and see who has the best tactics, this also enables you to receive great rewards, chests, boosts and other materials beneficial for you tower defence. You can fight in alliance wars, conquests, timed events that have unique advantages like collector and boost events for your Kingdom and you can also celebrate the seasonal festivals!

  • Your Castle Town

You know through this game you can forge your weapons at the Blacksmith. And if you want to unlock powerful armies, you just have to discover and visit the mystical dungeon under your castle defence moreover you have to visit Granny for a chat and that my friend will give you epic and fun loots. And if you’re wondering how you’ll find that dungeon beneath your castle tower? Well simple, just be ready for the epic dungeon quest!


Spells and Runes

  • You can now have new runes and spells for example the earthquake spell, the arrow tower, black magic and many more exciting and adventurous spells and runes. Moreover, if you want to dismantle an unwanted rune? Now you can do that to create a new one!

Events and Support

With your existing trophies you can now easily sign up for the new ninja event and you know what’s interesting? This version of royal revolt 2 now supports the virtual stick! So go and enjoy saving your Kingdom, my Kings and Queens!


  • Go to the link provided by the developers, you can look it up on the web page.
  • Then start downloading the file, it may take few minutes depending on your internet speed.
  • After the download is finished, go to your home.
  • Then go to your phone settings and in there scroll down to the system security settings.
  • In the security settings give permission to install from the unknown resources.
  • Then go back to the downloaded file and complete the installation process.
Royal Revolt 2 Mod Apk


Q. Is this Royal revolt 2 mod apk safe to download?

Yes! This game is completely safe download, just follow the instructions.

Q. Is it available on Google play?

Yes! The game is available in google play but it contains ads and requires you to pay for in-app purchases.

Q. Is Royal revolt 2 available globally?

Yes! You can download, install and play this game anywhere and anytime in the world.

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